Friday, December 9, 2011

"Cookie" Party Timeline

9 years ago:
Tradition inauguration.  We were young whippersnappers and thought it would be brilliant to bring ingredients, make cookies from scratch in someone's kitchen while consuming appetizers and drinking wine.  This only lasted 2 years as it was a recipe for dance party distractions and a colossal sprinkle, cookie dough mess.

7 years ago:
We grew smarter and decided to bring cookies to exchange.  No baking from scratch - more eating and drinking wine and chit chatting and of course dance parties with some of my favorite girls.

3 years ago:
Husbands, kids and busy work schedules started coming into the mix - so...we dropped cookies all together and moved to an ornament exchange instead.  I started documenting our shenanigans (see link).  2008 may go down in history as one of my faves.

2 years ago:
Secret Santa tradition commences.  Throughout the year - my girlfriends and I send anonymous gifts to one other specific person in the group.  It is so much fun giving the gifts - creativity and sneakiness all come in to play.  At the cookie party - everyone "reveals" who they have been secret Santa to...unless that person has already found out because someone accidentally leaves their name on the package (cough, cough - I'm not very sneaky :-)).  We draw for names for the next year and all starts again (with a new person - unless you don't remember whose name you drew and have to figure it out by process of elimination via thank you’s to secret santa's....cough, cough... I found out in February and promise I made up for it the rest of the year:-)). 

9th annual cookie party - did not disappoint.   These ladies are amazing and some of my very besties and I couldn't be more thankful to have them in my life.  I hope that we continue this tradition when we are old and gray...only with more whiskey sours (thanks Jenn!) and maybe by then we'll have time to bake cookies again:-)

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