Friday, December 3, 2010

Deck The Halls!

I am telling you what...September through December are my favorite months out of the year. But...December takes the cake! All the JOY!  Christmas music, get togethers with family and friends, the tree, the gleam of lights, ornaments that bring back fun memories, snow, Christmas cookies (my new favorite - caramel popcorn...made some last night with the girls...yum!), gift giving, snuggling with my girls to watch Christmas specials on TV, kids program at church...the list of favorites is endless for me when it comes to Christmas. I love it!

And for some reason this year...maybe because I'm not in the process of moving, pregnant or walking around like a zombie 2 months post giving birth....I am on Christmas speed.

I can't help it!

We got back from our Thanksgiving trip and there is no denying it. Doug will just have to live with it. I think the girls are taking notes from their mother because they're right there with me...I'm having so much fun with Christmas preparations. So here's a glimpse of our first few days of December. We are almost finished decking our halls and looking forward to a joy-filled month anticipating that special day!  Merry Christmas:-)

 The girls painting glass ornaments...
Ava & I made this centerpiece...she picked out the beads all by herself and is SO proud of them.  She found them randomly at hobby lobby.  I think they're my favorite part of it all!  We were feeling a big twiggy when we made this:-)
 And...we finally got some snow here!  YAY!  We love snow in this family.  Nothing better than waking up and seeing the white stuff falling!  The girls got out and made snow angels, ate snowflakes and ran around for a while.  So much fun!

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B-Mama said...

K, you crack me up! I love seeing your Advent on "speed", lol. How wonderful it was getting to see you all in person while you were in town! Thanks again for coming by--we loved it. Now we just wish we could swing by and get a dose of your energy... Alas, we are still post-baby and trying to find our sea legs! :) xo

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