Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Slappy Cakes, Pool, Drinks and Sunsets

The morning after the luau we were hungry and wanted to utilize our creativity.  Doug and I saw a place called "Slappy Cakes" featured on the Food Network - and took the girls there to check it out.  There was a griddle in the middle of our table - and we got a few containers of pancake batter that the girls used to create pancake designs.   Katelyn made a sea turtle, Olivia made an emoji face and Ava made a Star Wars pancake (of course!).  Doug got the "Sloppy Moco"...beef patty, two eggs, two scoops of rice, mushroom gravy and crispy onions (it looked like something Old Shep had thrown up - a famous saying from my Dad).  The menu said it was a local favorite - so Doug said he had to get it!

Back at the hotel - we were ready to relax (and the girls were ready to swim).  We spent the whole day at the pool.  It was glorious.

At sunset we got all dolled up and walked down the boardwalk to Leilani's.  A restaurant Doug and I ate at during our Honeymoon.  Again - more memories!  It was so fun to take the girls there.  Love what we began 15 years ago and so thankful we could bring our girls back to this magical island to re-live some memories and share the beauty with them. 

My whole heart right these 4.

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