Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Back at It!

It's kind of sad it's been over a year since my last post!  No excuse...well maybe a few (or 3...who keep me hopping!).  School, work, dance, swim team, cleaning, church, eating, dating (my husband of course!), soccer, time with family, time with friends, tennis, golf, grocery shopping, homework, book reports, Summer, Fall, Winter, repeat it all again!

Life. Is. Busy.

But...for the most part that's what makes it So. Much. Fun.  And the down times that much sweeter.  We do have those too...sometimes it's a conscious we're not great at...but we're working on it.

And the girls have grown and I have too (and probably have a few more gray hairs...Doug found his first a few weeks ago)!  And Ava's up to my shoulder and the perfect mix of confident young beautiful lady meets Huge Star Wars fan...meets beautiful dancer.  She's pretty amazing.  Katelyn my petite sweet but spicy ball of fire...she so fun.  Packs a punch in everything she does...Math (she is a wiz!), soccer, dance...often her sisters (eek...we're working on that one...Sweet sevens I call them).  And Olivia...she must be my baby because she is nothing but sweet and cuddly and says "sure" whenever I ask her to do something.  She is my little love bug (until she hits sweet sevens I'm sure).  So fun watching them grow but the need to slow down.....

And so here I am, big blog slacker with lots of catching up to do.  But I'm just going to start from today (and maybe load the 1000's of pics from the last few years over to Costco for a big Costco album).  Or maybe I'll have Doug do that:-)

The first picture is not from today but thought it summed my paragraph up above well.  And maybe so does my second and third(which are from today).

Second picture below....Kate made this super hero mask at school today...walked off the bus with it and didn't take it off (even in when I dragged them to Hobby Lobby and Home Goods) until bedtime.  She even scared her sister in the shower with it.  Love my little 7 year old!  The confidence she has is priceless!

The third picture is Ava's application to be on Sylvania's robotics team next year.  The girl loves science and putting things together.  You can see how Star Wars meets dancer in her application below.  And I love it!

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