Tuesday, May 22, 2012

483. My Olivia. She is so much fun right now - talking up a storm, keeping up with her sisters - she is getting so big and just brings us so much joy! From the time she gets up in the morning - until the time she goes to bed - she doesn't stop talking...or moving for very long. She's our little busy body - running constantly, playing, climbing, eating "snacks", talking, talking and more talking. She's hilarious. A few of my favorite sayings lately....

 1. "pretty pwease mommy, pretty pwease, pretty pwease?"...she asks repeatedly - trying to butter me up - usually when she wants a snack. And it usually works.

 2. "I need to use my brush-teeth (aka toothbrush)" or "brush-hair" aka hairbrush. We try to correct her - but...she likes the words her way.

3. "Mommy...will you paint my pigtails (aka fingernails)"?

4. And last but certainly not least...her love for Ellie (her elephant). Ellie goes wherever Olivia goes. She kisses Ellie constantly and often says to us "mommy...isn't Ellwee so cute...awwweeeee...she's so cute" as she gives Ellie nose nuzzles. She sets Ellie up to look at her, makes Ellie talk on the phone, makes Ellie wave, ride in Barbie cars, Ellie tackles Olivia - you name it...Ellie has done it.

She has also learned the art of tattle telling lately - often telling on Kate or Ava for anything she thinks may get a rise out of mom. She has learned to ride her tricycle and won't let me anywhere near to help push - she is a determined little two year old telling me "no mommy - I do by myself."  Okay sweet pea - you do it by yourself then... and never lose that determination.

I could go on and on...but had to write down some of my faves lately. Keep that spunk going Lou (and Ellie too). We love you.

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