Monday, February 13, 2012

261. Pounding feet on the treadmill.
262. Doug for supporting me at work, encouraging me to stand my ground when it's tough to do.  They asked me again if I would go full time. Not now.
264. My beautiful cousin Kacy and her husband who so lovingly thought of my girls on Valentines day.  This year she sent them a package with luau gear -  grass skirts, lei's, a conch shell, fans, hair pieces and the greatest card with a story about their adventures in Puerto Rico.  Ava made me read it to her each day for the next week:-)  I'm so thankful my girls have people in all spots of life, loving them - and giving them a great example to look up to.
265. Little girls dressed up for a luau.

266. Pulled pork, coleslaw and "Square Hawaiian fries".  Doug made hash browns to go with dinner - at first glance the girls were like "no way." But then Doug told them they were "Square Hawaiian fries" and they thought they were the greatest things in the world!   Went with the luau theme (and totally not planned - fun coincidence!).
267. Eyelashes as long as could be fluttering with each close of eye.
268. Box cars.

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