Friday, May 13, 2011

Sneaking in a Day of Summer

Amidst the 50 degree rainy weather days we've had this May...we had one 80+ degree day and took full advantage of it!  The girls and I hopped in our mini-van, drove to Meijer, picked up a humongous (as Ava called it) kiddie pool, a new swimsuit and goggles.  We came home - they ate lunch while I wrestled to blow up the baby pool (finally with a hair dryer) and the girls had a ball the rest of the afternoon.  I especially got a kick out of their excitement over the goggles:-)

The next day it was back to being 50 degrees...but hey...we will take the good days as they come.  Looking forward to more around the corner!

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orahoods said...

What fun! I love your spontaneity as a's inspiring!

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