Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

What a great weekend with family and friends...

Sunday my parents threw a Memorial Day was the perfect day.  Dad smoked the best ribs I've ever had, the Indy 500 was on, the slip and slide was out and the sun was shining.  My dad, Doug and good family friend Frank sat outside with the smoker all day, listening to the 500...drinking Bloody Mary' dad said a salute to my Grandpa Bob and the way he did Indy 500 day:-)  I always remember growing up, having to rush home after church on 500 day so my dad could watch the big race.  I love that sound of speeding Indy cards...lets go racing!  Here's a shot of Frank, Doug, my dad (with patriotic hat the girls picked out for him) and Dan. 
The girls and I attempted to make a cherry pie...but failed.  Tasted okay...looked like the grossest thing ever.  You be the was a source of humor for the day.
Olivia liked it...and she also liked Brad...
Monday morning we picked up my parents and went to "downtown" Sylvania for the annual Memorial Day parade.  We showed up about an hour and a half we walked up and down the street, got donuts, went to the Historical Society, snuck in some photo shots and just took in the town.  I love this place.
Site of the first school in town and replica building of that the original location.  Stone Academy.
Girls thought the train bench was the coolest!
Then it was time for the parade...we are so thankful for all the men and women that have and are serving our country...and the families that support them.  We are beyond grateful for our Freedom.
Here comes the parade...Kate's excited!

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