Friday, May 20, 2011

Lemonade for Sale!

Doug and I had our first AND last garage sale this past weekend (such a pain - won't ever do it again!)...and Ava and Kate wanted to build a lemonade stand.  So we set up shop, made a sign...and Aunt Carly even brought over a REAL cash register.  Grandpa hooked it up to electricity so it worked.  The girls thought it was the coolest.  Ava was devoted to her stand...I had to tell her multiple times throughout the day that she could go ahead and take a break.  But...she was afraid to relinquish control...even to her mom:-)  I think they did better at the lemonade stand than we did at the garage sale!

And...a funny aside....Doug HATES clutter.  He would get rid of 75% of the toys in our basement if it were up to him.  But...Aunt Carly got a bouncy horse from a friend and asked if we wanted to put it in our basement.  I knew the girls would LOVE it (and they have...on it every single day) so I said yes!  But I also knew Doug would be annoyed with the new object in our basement.  So....just to press his buttons, I put the horse in our bed...on his side, on his pillow...and that's how he met the horse!  Muwhahahahahaha!!!! 

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