Sunday, May 22, 2011


I grew up looking forward to Festirama...happens every May...just a little carnival that the Catholic church here in town throws annually.  I love these small town events.  The food, people watching, sounds of the rides, squeals, and now watching my girls enjoy them!  Simple fun.  Kate also thought it was extra fun that the carnival happens at her new school (she'll start at the church's preschool in the Fall!).
 Train Ride!  Uncle Rob & I even got in on the fun with Olivia & Jet!
 Jet and Olivia's first "big kid" ride.  They started off okay, but by the end...Jet was done.  It was so cute...Kate put her arm over his shoulder, patted him and told him he was okay.  I love those two little curly tops!
Next...the girls wanted to do the bungee jumper.  I was hesitant and then amazed.  They both went about 20 feet in the air...and absolutely loved it!  So proud of my brave little chicas.  They love thrills like their mama!  Just warming them up for big roller coaster rides in the future:-)
Love this shot...see Olivia and Kate watching from the background:-)
                                                            In line for a pop with Dad!
Fishing with Jet.  They all won bouncy balls!
My brother showed off his gaming skills...
Worn out little girls...Kate not so sure how to get out of the fun house.
Best sissies!

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