Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sleep Caps and Best Sissies

The girls in their new sleep caps! 
Katelyn has had a habit for the past few years of sucking her thumb and twirling her hair...which normally is harmless (and often adorable)...but...she twirls so much that she ends up pulling her hair out in clumps:-(

We have tried everything over the past few years...lots of positive reinforcement and some taking away of privileges...different types of textured blankets for her to hang on to, dolls with hair for her to run her fingers through, gloves, toys for her to sit with to keep her hands occupied, cutting her hair short, baby oil (so her fingers would slip out of her hair and she wouldn't be able to pull), talks with the pediatrician, talks from grandma, grandpa, grammy, us, Ava even has encouraged her...

and it finally seemed to be working for a few months...up until the last few weeks:-(

So...we're trying something new.  I ordered "sleep caps" online.  At first Kate was really resistant to wearing a hat at bed time, but her big sis Ava broke into the conversation and said..."I'll wear one too Kate!"  Melt me!  Supportive sis:-).  When we got the hats in the mail...Kate was still hesitant.   Ava pulled them out...put them on their heads and started talking up how fun they were..."Kate...they're your favorite color - pink!" Ava's actions have blown me away...she's been Kate's biggest cheerleader with this new endeavor!  Definitely a proud Mom moment...makes me sort of teary eyed:-)  I love the love my girls have for each other and pray that it only gets stronger each and every day of their lives.

So...keep your fingers crossed that this works.  We have a reward system set up - if she keeps her hat on all night every night and for naps, then ice cream or special treat at the end of the week.  I think half the time she's doing this she isn't aware, so I'm hoping this will just keep her little hands from twirling and eventually she'll grow out of the habit.  We will figure it out and she will break the habit...just sometimes tough getting there! 

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