Friday, February 4, 2011

Cousin Time!

My cousin and his family just recently moved closer to us (only 3 hours away!) and so we're taking advantage of the shorter distance!  Both of us have kids the same age...and we love him and his it makes it easy and fun to spend the weekend together!  We booked a babysitter Friday night and went to our favorite Mexican restaraunt...then Saturday, after spending some great family time together...we conned the guys into taking the kids to the bouncy place while us girls stayed home, drank coffee and made a spaghetti dinner.  The kids had an absolute blast....Ava & Kate are still talking about their cousins (who we'll hopefully get to see again SOON!). 
Uncle Tim & Henry playing together...Henry eventually conquers Uncle Tim:-)
 Aunt Carly with Jet & Livvy Lou
 Cousin coloring time (thanks to Uncle Tim for the giant coloring books and boxes of crayons!) these 3 look like trouble or what??:-) 
 Spaghetti time!

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