Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Thankfulness!

This weekend I am thankful for...

my husband - my Love.  He is my best.
my girls - who keep me hopping.  Tonight they were tackling each other and fighting over who got to sit on my lap.  Olivia got the best spot (she's tough!)...but I managed to fit all 3 (sort of):-)
grammy - we had a great time at her house this weekend.  the girls love her dearly.  and i loved relaxing, drinking wine, sitting, chatting and listening to itunes with her and Doug last night:-).  she's pretty great.
my nephew jet - he turned one yesterday...and tomorrow we get to go to his party!  He is seriously the smiliest, greatest little boy i know.  just love him to pieces! 
my friends - got to catch up with a few different favorites down in Columbus from Thursday on. love my friends - they warm my heart and make life So. Much. Fun.!! 

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