Wednesday, December 15, 2010


As a little girl, I remember my mom and I getting all dolled up to go to the Nutcracker during December.  I always felt like such a princess.  Such a special memory for me with my mom.

Now...I get to bring my little girls to the Nutcracker.  They couldn't have been more excited!  Every day they asked..."do we get to go today??"  And finally...the day came.  We dressed them up in their fanciest Christmas dresses, I curled/sprayed their hair, they got to wear a little bit of lip gloss and one of my necklaces...and we were all set to the Nutcracker with Grandma! 

They absolutely LOVED it!  Kate was in awe at first...but they loved the music, ballerinas, the snacks (of course)!  But...I think i loved it even more...Ava wanted to hold my hand through the whole performance...and Kate sat on my lap.  I just love that sort of time with my girls. 

They still are talking about it (I'm writing this post 1/7!)...Doug DVR'd a Nutcracker performance from London and they watch it about every other day.  Last night they had their tutu's on and were dancing along with the ballerinas on TV!  I love the Arts...and the special touch they bring to people's lives!! 
Not so sure about the giant Nutcracker - needed Grandma's support:-)  And I love Ava's lady-like stance and Kate's tongue in the second pic!!

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