Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Ice Rink!

I grew up going ice skating in the winter, every Sunday afternoon on my friend Amanda's pond.  Her dad would check the ice with a big stick and after he gave us the go ahead - we'd spend the whole afternoon out there skating, pretending we were figure skaters....imagining.  It was so much fun and SUCH a great memory!

Doug and I took the girls over to our local ice rink...the girls' second time on skates.  This may be our new Sunday afternoon tradition.  Ava got the hang of it fairly quickly...I was scared to let go of her hand, but she kept saying..."mom!  let go...i can do this by myself!"  And...she did!  She'd fall every once in a while...but I was so proud of her for hopping right back up with a smile and trying again.  Katelyn loved every bit of it too.  Her favorite part was when Doug would lift her so she could "run" on the skates.  She was squealing a majority of the time!  I loved her tiny little ice skates!  And thankfully...Doug and I made it through without falling...always a plus!

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