Monday, November 15, 2010

Favorite Conversations from the Day...

I love watching my girls process information and use their imaginations...a few favorite conversations from today....

The girls and I were reading a story about Creation from a little kid's Bible before dinner...and I asked them if they had to set a fishbowl up for fish, what would they put in it? 

Ava:  "rocks, seaweed, a little castle, fish."  - hers what you would expect when it comes to fishbowls.

Katelyn's answer..."Butterflies".  :-) 

Love it!

Then later at dinner...Ava asked me..."mom...if there's only one God, how can He fit into every one's heart?"  I told her that He is a big God and just like He had the power to create the earth - He has the ability to fit into every one's heart.  I don't know if she quite grasped the answer (it's even hard for me sometimes!)...but I love that she's thinking:-)

And now for Livvy Lou...she can't hold a conversation yet like her bigger sisters...but when her sisters started singing "jump shake Olivia, jump, jump shake Olivia" tonight - she started shaking her head like crazy and trying to jump.  She looked like a baby who had just drank 10 cups of coffee.  It was hilarious.  I think she may be our crazy one!

Happy Monday!

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