Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ava Turns 5

Seems just like yesterday they handed my tiny Ava Grace to me for the first time - full head of dark black hair, alert as could be...I was overwhelmed with joy holding her for the first time, a bit nervous worrying about how I was going to live up to the expectations of motherhood.

Today my baby is five.  5 years old??. I cannot believe it.  Looking back on the past five years...part of me is a bit sad wondering where the time has gone.  How is it that my little tiny fuzzy head has grown into my beautiful, beautiful little, so quickly?  I pick Ava up now and she's more than half my height! 

Mostly though I'm thankful for all that she is becoming. For her smile, her wit, for the joy she brings to this house and to others.  For the example and order she tries to instill in her younger sisters (and often her mom:-)).  Ava has a kindness in her, a genuineness about her and a quiet but strong confidence that I pray will last her all the days of her life.  She is so loving and nurturing, so orderly and focused, determined but eager to follow the rules.  Ava brings some fantastic things to this world! 

I am so incredibly thankful for you Ava Bean.  You make my heart happy beyond words! 

To celebrate, we had some of her friends over for an Arts and Crafts party.  They made tambourines (aka banjos), pinwheels and kaleidoscopes.  I think she had a blast!  Here's to many, many, many more!  Happy Birthday sweet pea!  

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