Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cousin Luke

This past weekend we invited cousin Luke to come and visit.  The girls could not have been more excited...they love their cousin Luke!  Doug picked him up on Friday...and from the time he got here until the time he left...the girls were attached at his hip!  The poor guy couldn't even sit without having both girls on each of his sides. At one point he got up to move couches and the girls sprinted to the new couch before he could even sit down.  Needless to say...the girls were on cloud 9!  And Luke was a great sport...one of the kindest, smiliest, funniest, wittiest, well mannered and behaved 10 year olds I know.  We love our cousin!

Friday night we ventured to the bouncy place where all four kids ran around, jumped and climbed until they couldn't move anymore!  Even Olivia tried to keep up with the other three.  Afterwards we went to Charlie's pizza for a fantastic dinner.  The kids were SO well behaved...Doug and I were so proud of them!  Afterwards we came home and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks..."The Squeakquel".  :-) 
Saturday we woke up and my dad came and picked Luke up to take him on a corvette ride. When they returned, we all went farm hopping. First we went to a local apple orchard where we ate donuts, checked out the market, watched apple cider being made...and the girls rode ponies. I especially love the first picture below....
 Olivia wanted to ride a pony too...she was SO excited about the horses that she was pulling on the gate and laughing hysterically....
After the apple orchard we dropped Doug and Grandpa off at home (Doug had to work...boo, and grandpa had to go help someone fix their truck).  But we picked up grandma and drove out to our favorite local farm.  We went on a hay ride, climbed hay stacks, saw pigs, cows, sheep, bunnies and chickens...and picked out mini pumpkins and gourds. 

Later that day while the girls napped, Doug took Luke up to Cabella's in Michigan where they checked out guy stuff and drank icee's.  Saturday night my parents had us all over for a home cooked meal (love my mom's cooking!) and more great family time...Rob, Carly and Jet joined us too!  Sunday was church and then afterwards, we took advantage of the warmer weather and played outside.  Luke had an idea to rake leaves to the bottom of the slide...and the kids had a blast sliding down the slide into a big pile of leaves. 
We had such a fantastic Fall weekend with cousin Luke.  He is such a fun guy and the girls are already counting down the days until he comes back:-) 

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