Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Favorite Three...

Just a few shots of my three favorite girls.  We are enjoying our September immensely (my favorite month by the way)!  Pre-school every day of the week (Ava & Kate alternate days), ballet (both girls), gymnastics (Ava), soccer (Kate). 

Olivia is walking all over the place, starting to put together more sounds, drinking from a sippy cup, growing a toothier smile...getting so big!  Doug re-seeded the yard, I painted another room in the house and am now embarking on a project to organize closets (got rid of 5 big black bags of stuff a few weekends ago...yay!).  We are keeping busy but it has been a fun busy.  Now I'm playing catch up (AGAIN!) on the blog!!  Stay tuned for more pics (including California & soccer!!).  Happy, happy fall.  Enjoy the crisp air and absolute beauty of the season!!

Ava dresses herself every day. Sometimes it's hit or miss.  I think this outfit is a hit as a miss!!
Showing off her butterfly painting from school.
Sleepy Olivia...currently getting 6 teeth at once, which causes her to need morning coffee in a major way...
Bubbly Kate.  What more can I say.  I love her face!!

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