Monday, August 23, 2010

Ava Back to Preschool

Ava could hardly stand the excitement Sunday night - she was wound up, slap happy, over the top hyper...excited to start preschool back up the next day!  I used to get SO excited for the first day of school...nothing better than fall around the corner, school shopping with Mom, the smell and sound of school buses (I know...I'm weird), crisp dewy mornings, fresh crayons, smiling teachers refreshed after summer breaks, football games, seeing old friends, sweatshirts, sharp number two pencils (repeat...I'm weird)...I used to love, love, love back to school! And it's fun to see her experience the same sentiment (hopefully it lasts).    

She had a great day...playing, coloring, singing songs and seeing old friends.  All smiles when we dropped her off...and all smiles when we picked her up!  Her teachers are amazing (same as last year).  The type you wish you could take with you throughout your child's whole school career! 

Katelyn had a bit of a rough morning...her and Ava are so used to being together...she started crying saying "I don't want Ava to go to school...I want her to stay with me."  Talk about tugging at a mom's heart strings!  I love that she loves her sister so.  Thankfully, preschool only lasts 3 hours...during which we fixed the tears with a treat and time with mom (I had to work, but we set her up next to me with books and cartoons).  And before she knew it...her sis was back home to play! 

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