Saturday, June 9, 2012

538. Ten fingers all in tact.  We had our first little mishap and ER trip with Kate.  Her and Ava snuck into the off limits treadmill room to play...Ava had the treadmill on and a curious little Kate somehow got her fingers caught in the belt.  Her scream sent chills through my whole body - I ran down, pulled the emergency cord and held my breath as I pulled her hand out.  Thankfully her little pointers were all there - just badly beat up.  I called my dad who was over quick to watch the other two while Doug and I rushed her to the ER.  The fantastic staff ran some X-rays to make sure nothing was broken and treated the wounds on her 3 fingers.  The surface area was so large that they could not stitch - so they treated as burns.  We were SO proud of Kate.  After we got her calmed down...she was SOOO brave for the nurses and docs.  They could not even believe it.  That's our Kate - she's a tough cookie - and was all smiles upon exit. I am SO thankful that we live in a country with such fantastic, prompt healthcare and treatments.  And - that God was gracious enough to spare her sweet little fingers.

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