Sunday, March 11, 2012

375. Anticipation of weekends.
376. Robin's singing spring songs outside.
377. Five Fighter's packed into the mini van for a road trip.
378. Grandparents caravaning.
379. Excitement of 3 little girls as we arrive at the hotel.  We stayed at a modest hotel - but they felt like royalty and it was adorable...doesn't take much.  Automatic doors, a fire place, elevator and carpets with swirls on them, a room on the 7th floor (overlooking the parking lot) - and they think they are top notch!
380. My little munchkins marching in a row down the hallway.
381. Beauty so close to home - the Niagara River.
382. Driving down roads that provide flashbacks...reminiscing.  Lots of childhood trips too and through NY and Buffalo!
383.  The look on my Uncle Lee's face as we surprised him on his doorstep for his 70th birthday!  Our family and my Uncle Bill's family (mom's twin brother) all made the trek up to their house in NY to surprise him:-)  Here is the trio - Uncle Bill, Uncle Lee and my momma-mia!
384. Time catching up with cousins!  Love my family...Brother Pat, Cousin Bill, Sharon, Kathryn and I.  I think Grandma Louise would be proud:-)
385. Little second cousins meeting and playing and anticipating cake together!
376. Family.  Nothing better!
377. My Aunt Shelle - each of my Aunts holds a special place in my heart.  I have such fun memories of Aunt Shelle painting my nails when I was younger, taking me shopping or on fun adventures, making me laugh, lots of smiling - she is so much fun.  I love her so much - and love watching her squeeze my girls and do some of the same things with them:-)
378. Great Italian food!
379. Hotel snuggles...
380. The Falls! Always amazing.  A cold day - but we sneaked a quick peak of them and saw a rainbow too!
381. Grape vines along Lake Erie.
382. Girls running freely playing in the sun with a big blue lake (Lake Erie) in the background.
 Striking a pose:-)
 383. Discovering shadows...
384. Dreaming with Doug.
385. Warmth in March.
386. Beautiful farmhouses sitting proud in the middle of fields.
387. Duck quacks coming from the creek behind our house.

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