Wednesday, February 15, 2012

280. Early airport drives with coffee and my hubby.
281. Anxious traveling nerves.
282. Swirling seas of white clouds reflected on by sun and blue sky.
283. Smart people who have created massive machines that fly so we can explore.
284. Making it safely to Napa, CA for our second annual trip with great friends!
285. Art!  I seriously love art.

286. Mountains in the horizon.
287.  Yellow mustard growing crazy down the middle of rows of vines.  Beautiful.
288.  Palm trees.
289.  Sunshine.
290.  Wine.
291.  Taste buds & corn tamales with green sauce and toasted pumpkin seeds at Mustard's Grill, Napa.  Fantastic!
292.  Friends to share great trips with.  So thankful.

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