Saturday, January 7, 2012

64. Fun crafts like this cheery winter wreath - took the Christmas stuff off the evergreen and replaced it with a fun yellow F.  I'm into yellow lately:-)  I also put my snowman out there in hopes that it would bring a big snowstorm.  No such luck yet!

65. Betty next door who came over to give me table restoration advice.  She is so fantastic at that stuff (you should see her house!) and I am so grateful for her advice - I need it!  First table project will hopefully kick off this weekend!
66. Encouragement I've been feeling when focusing on Him daily.
67. My dad who babysits so my mom and I can go exercise.
68. My job.  
69. Three sudsy girls happily splashing in the tub.
70. Ava's giggle and big brown eyes.
71. My four year old who has a style all her own...and I love it.  

72. The bounce house - and the endless fun my girls have been having together on that thing.  They love getting on it before it's blown up and letting it inflate around them - here they are waiting.  They crack me up!

73. Water color paint and my young Picaso's.

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