Saturday, January 14, 2012

117. Early morning Saturday departures with two of my favorite girls for gymnastics.
118. My husband's homemade egg mcmuffins.
119. That my girls get to go to their cousin's birthday parties.
120. My beautiful, smiley, busy, growing, best hugger, curly headed nephew who turned two today.  I pray for a lifetime full of birthdays, fun, happiness and love for him.  He melts me!
121. Sweet big!   
122. Jet is SO curious - he looks at everything in wonder!
123. My brother who has turned out to be the best dad!
Jet and his Grandpa Bartnik!
 124. Wonder of little kids.
125. My awesome sister in law.  Love her.
126. Cupcake faces.
127. My dad and his grandson.
128. Cousin Hugs.
129. Mattingly stuffing her face.

130. A clean house.
131. Surfing girls (who changed their names to Alana, Bethany and Ella for the night!)
132. Saturday nights with my family, a fire, new recipe (fajitas) and just being.

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