Saturday, December 17, 2011

WMP Christmas Party

Doug and I took off for Columbus for the weekend (thanks grandma & grandpa!!) for a couple of Doug's work parties.  Friday night we were at the North Market in downtown Columbus - such a great setting and even better company.  Saturday we slept in, went to one of our favorite restaurants for a super yum lunch (Cap City), tooled around town and then back to the hotel to get ready for the second party - so nice to take our time throughout the day, relax and just be with each the old days!  We had a great time both nights - the people Doug works with are fantastic...and their better halves even better:-)  I am truly thankful for this group of people!

The T-town "office".  It's growing!
T-town boys:-)
The gang on Saturday night!
Danielle taking a break:-)
Jeremy the Italian bartender.
Sean "the boss" drink mixer and his sidekick Tancredi.  Doug can't believe his eyes.
Our favorite Canadians!
Me and my continual quest to hint that George needs to pop the question - I'm trying to be subtle here:-)!
So lucky that one of my bridesmaids and long time besties gets to come to these work parties too!  Thank God Jeremy has put up with Doug for all these years!
I love my Danielle!
Dance party - of course!

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