Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bowling with the Fam!

Uncle Pat & Lindsay came up to visit this weekend and we decided to head out to the bowling alley for some activity on Saturday.  The girls had never been before and had an absolute ball (no pun intended). 

Ava learning how to throw the ball with Grandpa.  Her first bowling ball ever!
Doug analyzing the bowling alley and strategizing with the girls...
Kate's first bowl with Daddy's help
Proud bowling mama...
Kate taking a break with Grandma
Bowling with Uncle Pat...
Olivia cheering on the team with Daddy
The girls keeping score with the faces in this first pic:-)
Ava showing Kate the ropes. 
Miss Independent decided she wanted to bowl herself, without any help.  Love it!
Olivia and Ellie still cheering on her sissies...
Uncle Rob & Jet showed up to knock down a few pins.  Love the hat Jet-Jet!
Kate, so excited that her cousin Jet came!

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