Friday, September 24, 2010

Olivia's First Birthday!

Our sweet little Olivia is one!  We celebrated with a family dinner, cupcakes & presents! Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Rob, Aunt Carly & Jet came over to help celebrate. 

Livvy has brought so much fun to our lives.  She is curious, determined and makes us smile with her laugh, dance moves and silly antics.  Her sisters absolutely ADORE her...always trying to steal hugs and kisses.  She goes by many nicknames - Livvy, Liv, Lou, Livvy Lou, Boo, Sissy and Moo Moo. 

Olivia weighs 21 pounds and is 28 inches long (50% percentile for weight, 30% for height).  She says mama, dada, mama (grandma), "mil" (milk), "ayyigator" (alligator - which we think is a riot - out of all the words - but she loves her sisters' alligator song and tries to chime in and does a pretty good job!), doggy, up and all done.  She has been taking steps since she was 10 months...but is full blown walking now and able to crawl up steps.  Livvy is growing more and more each day - trying to keep up with her big sisters!  She had a great day on her birthday!  My favorite pics - she got a little bike and instead of sitting, she decided to stand like a little dare devil on the seat.  That's our Lou!  We love her!!  Happy birthday sweet pea!

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