Monday, October 21, 2013

October Hike

I am a sucker for outside.  I love everything about it - Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall.  And I want my girls to learn to love it too - it's free, often times breathtaking (even in Toledo, OH) and in my mind, the best artwork on the planet (thanks God!).  Today was no exception - we hiked on a few paths in one of my favorite metroparks - and the leaves were gorgeous.  Their true colors shining through.  I love Fall, the smell of it, the beauty of it and the feel of it.  And I cherish hours like these with my girls where we get to slow down and just be and chat and learn and take in beautiful things and each other.
We were on a hunt for deer.  A few people told us that they saw some - the girls were on the lookout.  We never spotted any, but we did find some pretty cool trees, leaves and trunks!
I love my brown eyed girl.
At one point we had to start putting down leaves because she couldn't hold any more:-)
Dancing and goofing off!
I think Ava had enough of the pictures.
Sprint to the playground!

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