Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12. My mom.
13. Early morning coffee with my dad.
14.  Peaceful drives home after early morning aerobics classes.
15.  Sleepy smiles of little girls who greet me each morning.
16.  Coats, hats, mittens, warm boots on blistery cold winter days.
17.  Coming down to a clean kitchen - washed pots and pans - thanks to Doug.
18.  Hugs from my Ava bean.
19.  January and fresh starts.
20.  Kate's mini voice:-) 
21.  Vacuum cleaner.
22.  My wooden snowman - I'm crossing my fingers for snow!
23.  Kate's curly hair.
24.  Salt trucks.
25.  Cold weather that makes me so appreciate inside.
26.  Little ballerina sisters holding hands as they walk into dance.
27.  Homemade chipolte rice and bean bowls.
28.  Fitting our fake Christmas tree into what seemed a too small bag and for 29. the high five with Doug after we smooshed it in.

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