Thursday, September 16, 2010

Olivia's First Birthday Present...

Grammy sent a package today for Olivia's first birthday...and she (and her sisters) had a blast opening it.  She got two adorable outfits...thanks Grammy!! 

Can't believe our girl is 1.  Sniff-sniff!!  She is so focused, curious, into everything...but also has a fun, light hearted personality...and a smile that can't be beat.  She enjoys soliciting belly laughs from her sisters with her antics (she's already learned how to make people laugh), giving high fives (see pic below) and joins in on her sisters' wrestling matches whenever she can.  She is tough and works her hardest to participate with Ava & Katelyn.  We love our Olivia so much!  She is a ball of smiles and joy and brightens all of our days. 

Afterwards...pony rides from Daddy.  And...a quick picture of Olivia's spiky hair!

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